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BN International was founded in 1925. At first the company focused on manufacturing vinyl flooring. In the 1990s its focus shifted to, among other things, wallpaper and the brand BN Walls was launched. BN Walls designs and manufactures a broad range of wallpaper types for clients all over the world. Our products help clients to create the perfect ambience in any hospital, hotel, office or home.

Founded by the De Zutter family in 1954, Wind is today an international reference in high-quality textile creation and design. Located in an area well reputed since as far back as the 14th Century for its textile production, Wind embodies expertise and age-old tradition.

We create and produce exquisite wall decorations to dress your rooms in tactile beauty.

Inviting new materials to the world. Reshaping our ideas of linen, quartz or even precious wood. Giving ancient gestures a new language. Reinterpreting an art against all odds Our philosophy is that of innovation and metamorphosis.

Fabricut Inc. is a family-run and employee-owned company, devoted to creating a single source for fabrics, trimmings, decorative drapery hardware, finished window treatments, wallcoverings, furniture, rugs and more to the interior design trade. Established in 1954, Fabricut has grown into one of the largest, most progressive distributors of home furnishings in the world. We are proud to grow our legacy with three generations of family now working with Fabricut.

We live in a time of rapid and constant change. The speed of change has people reassessing and re-evaluating many aspects of their lives. Influences as diverse as the economic outlook and climate change have people reconsidering how they interact and live together in our community. Uncertainty creates the opportunity to look at things in new and different ways.

n 2020, we brought our portfolio of brands home to Sanderson Design Group PLC, evoking the combined longevity and prodigious creative history of our brands. ‘Sanderson Design Group’ describes the ebullience of our past endeavours. It sketches the outline of our future. A collective of 7 quintessentially British luxury interior brands and two manufacturing brands, at Sanderson Design Group we are Archive, Clarke & Clarke, Harlequin, Morris & Co., Sanderson, Scion, Zoffany, Anstey Wallpaper Company and Standfast & Barracks.

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