Our History

SKAFF is a leader in Lebanon
in the field of decorative fabrics. Founded in 1965 by Georges SKAFF, the family owned & run business has evolved to include a full range of home decoration products, including textiles, wallpaper, furniture & home accessories.

SKAFF has grown as a result of passion that has been passed on from generation to generation.

SKAFF is a renowned name in the market, satisfying thousands of clients in the MENA region, with branches scattered in different countries.

In Lebanon alone, you can shop in 15 branches: Mkalles, Ashrafieh, Dbayeh,  Saida,  Zahle, Zgharta, Tripoli, Sarafand, Tyre, Zefta & Felougha.
In the MENA region we are located in Riyadh, Amman,Oman, Nigeria, Ghana, Iraq, Qatar & Egypt to be able to reach you wherever you are.

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