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Skaff Group 1965

SKAFF is a leader in Lebanon
in the field of decorative fabrics. Founded in 1965 by Georges SKAFF, the family owned & run business has evolved to include a full range of home decoration products, including textiles, wallpaper, furniture & home accessories.

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Beirut Coastal Cleanup
We are so proud of our Beirut Coastal Cleanup initiative. Every weekend, since June 2021 our growing team is on the ground cleaning up our coast and inner city streets, With the…
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Layla abedel latif with our CEO & founder Philip Skaff
Welcome to SKAFF, A word from Mrs. Layla abedel latif with our CEO & founder Mr. Philip Skaff, When we started this business, we did it because we had a…
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Skaff’s 50th Anniversary
Our Legacy, our Heritage that made us what we are today, proudly defying all obstacles that endangered our evolution and prosperity since 1965, to create the SKAFF dynasty that is…
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